We offer professional vehicles for sale in the best possible condition. Our difference is quality and reasonable prices. We look each client in the eyes keeping in mind his interests and covering all his needs. We understand the difficult times we all face and offer payment flexibility.

Our group also deals in the area of professional vehicle imports and vehicle exchange while offering upgrade solutions for professional vehicles. Finally it covers six-month warranty (basic mechanical parts) vehicles imported or exchanged. You can also visit us at https://kousgroup.car.gr

January 2018

Work safety training

  1. Obligations of employees and employers under current legislation.
  2. Creating a safe workplace and protection measures.
  3. Body and work ergonomics.
  4. Manual cargo transport.
  5. Fire Safety and Emergency Needs.
  6. Electricity hazards.
  7. Provision and use of Personal Protective Equipment.
  8. Machine and tool handling.
  9. Work at height.
  10. Use of chemical materials and preparations.

By developing the above topics, we aim to create and cultivate the attitude that the basic factor for health and safety at work is the worker himself.


Health education at work

  1. Sympathetic Episode
  2. Allergies
  3. Epileptic Judgment
  4. Insect – Animal Samples
  5. Language Fading
  6. Poisoning
  7. Bleeding
  8. Foreign Body Implantation
  9. Burns
  10. Fractures
  11. KARPA Training (Cardiopulmonary Rejuvenation)
  12. Basic Principles of Using an Automatic Defibrillator
  13. Basic Principles of First Aid to Infants and Children
  14. Update on the Use of Pharmaceutical Material


February 2018

January 2018


The facilities of our group include all the modern electromechanical equipment which is regularly updated. We also have alignment equipment, press, lighting equipment, A/C control, for monitoring gas emissions as well as the original Mercedes Benz diagnostic equipment. Moreover, all our tools contain all latest tools required for the new generation of vehicles. Also, there is a laboratory for pumps and oil becks, electrical repairs, car painting while there is also a service for hydraulic doors. We have waiting and reception areas as well as seminar areas for our associates.

We do not have the usual delays in bureaucracy. We can check your vehicle based on the Technical Specifications process and can constantly inform you about what is important or not. All necessary checks take place with each service, based on “Mercedes-Benz” standards. This way, you can be informed about any necessary or not future maintenance of your vehicle as well as their potential cost. Since 2010, we are the first in the country to deliver to the client spare parts that have been replaced using a special, environmentally friendly, case.

Reliable services and quick turnaround, via a network of associates around Greece, ensure solutions to any problems which might arise for your vehicle. Any problem will belong to the past once you visit “KOUSgroup”.

Service Packages

1. Free optical car check based on Mercedes – Benz standards.

2. Free KTEO check (after agreement).

3. Oil change without any additional charge for the related work.

4. Car service (oil, filters, valvolines, power check, general car check) starting from 30€ + VAT.

We are moving forward with transparency and vision. We work based on “Mercedes-Benz” approved standards. We use authentic after-market spare parts depending on your needs and can provide a 1-year guarantee. Always, with the customer’s consent, we can recommend used parts in some cases. We always inform you what is best depending on the cost and durability of the spare parts. We can place a direct order to the Mercedes Benz central storage area for your service. You won’t need to look any further as we have the best stock of spare parts and original accessories.

Leadership and credibility. Two words – concepts that reflect the group KOUSgroup. Therefore we are very pleased to present, first in Greece the price catalogue of after-market spare parts(first placement Mercedes-Benz) which we use via a specially structured database search. We believe in transparency and in close contact with our partners.
Price list of after-market spare parts (first placement Mercedes-Benz)