In 2022 the following took place:   Award from the Fire Service for our contribution to the support of their vehicle fleet. Study for the creation of a charging station and relevant licensing for the repair of electric vehicles with the necessary specifications. Certification according to the environmental management system

In 2021 the following took place:   Extension of the exclusive cooperation with WURTH HELLAS in online shopping – Authorized Dealer by WURTH HELLAS! Representation through eShop www.trucker.gr leading vehicle handling company AGROPA. The expansion of the group to Mercedes car spare parts as well as to commercial vehicle spare

In 2020 the following took place:   List price list kousgroup.gr with eShop trucker.gr Extension of the distinctive features of the group (numbering more than 220 linked pages) with the view parallel to the trucker.gr του MrMercedes .gr With slogan MrMercedes.gr trust only trucker.gr – Because Quality Matters! We promote to

e-shop trucker.gr   In 2019 the e-shop trucker.gr was created by KOUSgroup to offer quality products to the modern professional and not only. With collaborations of the top brand name WURTH and the corresponding quality of the products it reflects, the online shop trucker.gr aims to provide quality products at

Trucker – Quality & Reliability   In 2018 a new Greek company joined KOUSgroup. This company is mostly dealing with importing vehicles. TRUCKER is a brand name that reflects the vision KOUS had decades ago. With a logo that connects with all the other companies TRUCKER is all about innovation.

Upgrades continue…   In 2017 we continued our upgrades in order to offer you the best. In particular, the upgrades concerned the following sections: new diagnostic machines, Mitsubishi specialization, Mitsubishi spare parts stock, new generation new generation of new generation battery chargers, pre-engineered and new-generation dyeing equipment, complete ventilation system

New Upgrades   2016 was a year of upgrades and improvements in various areas of the KOUSgroup group. Indicatively, we mention the following sections: electrics, cooperation with 3M, frenometers, exhaust analyzers, oscilloscopes, alignments, balancing, special delivery of vehicles, quality control, new 24h vehicle service, IT team, ERP program of the

TruckService   In 2015, its trade name “KOSTAKIS” is secured and changed in “TruckService”. The company “TruckService” upon the 95, Iera Odos belongs to “KOUSgroup” enterprises and is capable of supporting and other professional vehicles alongside the vehicles of “Mercedes-Benz” since it has diagnostics machines for all the companies.

Upgrade in every level   In 2014 important work has been completed to our facilities and the number of the 24-hour service was upgraded. The training by “Mercedes-Benz” has been a high priority. Our staff has attended seminars at the premises of “Mercedes-Benz”. What is more many other seminars have been carried

KOUSgroup   In 2013, a new company was founded and simultaneously was created the new business group “KOUSgroup” which started dynamically. Target of the new company, beyond the service providing, alignment and balancing, MOT control and imports of professional vehicles, was the service of armored vehicles and other special cases.

Certifications   In 2012 “KOSTAKIS” company was certified by the “ACM Limited”, with “ISO 9001” for the activities of “Service providing and vehicles and spare parts trade”.

Internet   In 2011, after several years of advertising in the magazines and press, it was reinforced the advertising visibility of the company through Internet (Facebook, Google etc.).

Leadership   In 2010 with a view to full truthfulness, we were the first who applied the system of delivery of spare parts which were placed to you via special bag (environmentally friendly) in Greece.

Renovation   2008 was the year of constant renovations in all areas. Warehouses, offices, garages, toilets, staff changing rooms with lockers storage, equipment etc. are some of the areas that were renovated, created and then began to be inspected daily.

Cooperation – Lampros I. Mylonas   In 2005, it started our cooperation with the distinguished topographer, Mr. Lampro I. Mylona. Our main purpose was the affirmation and the consolidation of the rights of our business. Since then, Mr. Lampros I. Mylonas acquires consultative powers in matters concerning our company. Meanwhile,

Company’s name change   In 2004, Constantine Kousioris was retired and the company’s name changed into V.Kousioris & Son General Partnership. Its distinctive title was “KOSTAKIS”.

Thomas Kousioris   In 1995, Constantine’s son, Thomas Kousioris, became part of the company and a new dynamic era began. In 1997, Vasilis’ son, named also Thomas Kousioris studied in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department in the University of London. Until 2001, he had finished his master studies in

New company transfer   In 1979, because of this progress, “KOSTAKIS” company was transferred to new owned facilities (2.500 square meters) located in 95, Iera Odos street. This is the place where the most modern vertical sheltered unit was created and it was fully equipped according to the “Mercedes-Benz” specifications.

Over 40 years of specialization in Mercedes   In 1974, after the merging of “Hanomag” with “Mercedes-Benz”, “KOSTAKIS” company began to deal with “Mercedes-Benz”.

Owned facilities   In 1971 the company was transferred again to privately owned facilities (102, Iera Odos street, opposite to Iera Elia).

Company transfer   In 1967, the company was transferred to a larger space (3, Karion and Konstatinoupoleos street).

“KOSTAKIS” foundation   In 1965, the two brothers decided to deal with the maintenance of the vehicles mentioned above. As a result, they founded a company named “KOSTAKIS” at Roof area (opposite the Army Camp).

Vasilis Kousioris   In 1963, Vasilis Kousioris was hired in the same company as well and worked as an engineer assistant.

“Avrasoglou” and “KOSTAKIS”   In 1960, he was hired as engineer in “Avrasoglou” Company and he was specialized in the maintenance of professional vehicles called “Hanomag”. In this company, he shined with the name “KOSTAKIS” and he became famous all over Greece.

The beginning   It all started by two brothers, Constantine and Vasileios Kousioris. In 1956, Constantine Kousioris was working as an apprentice engineer in different garages.