From TruckService KOSTAKIS to KOUSgroup

Two Kousioris generations guarantee

the best care for your commercial vehicle!

In the field of and trucks and commercial vehicles, especially of Mercedes, the name Kousioris and the TRUCKSERVICE company has, for over six decades, been synonymous with quality. But how did a notable group of companies, with a particularly upward trend in today’s extremely adverse conditions, emerge from small beginnings? The short answer is found in two words: revolutionary and reliability. It is indeed worthwhile to know the history of a business that does not treat you simply as customers but as associates.

TruckService KOSTAKIS: the legend amongst mechanics since 1956

Konstantinos Kousioris, recognized as an excellent mechanic since 1956, was hired in 1960 by the Avrasoglou Company, which specialized in the repair and maintenance of Hanomag commercial vehicles. He shone, going by the nickname KOSTAKIS, to become renowned all over Greece. In 1963, his brother Vasilis Kousioris was employed by the same company as assistant mechanic.

In 1965, the brothers set up TruckService KOSTAKIS in the Rouf area opposite the military camp, with Konstantinos as head. The company employed 7 staff and thanks to its expertise excelled in servicing Hanomag. In 1967, they relocated to bigger premises at 3 Karyon and Konstantinoupoleos Streets, Athens and four years later to self owned property at 102 Iera Odos, next to Ieras Elias, Athens.

44 years of Mercedes-Benz expertise

In 1974, with the merger of Hanomag and Mercedes, TruckService) KOSTAKIS became increasingly involved with Mercedes. At the same time, the company’s activities extended to the import of spare parts, commercial vehicles and the issue of public licenses, with remarkable growth. To cope with its rapid development and the increasing number of Mercedes commercial vehicles, in 1979 the company transferred to a self owned 2.500 m2 plot at 95 Ieras Odos, to establish the most state-of-the-art garage of that era, fully equipped to meet Mercedes approved standards.

New blood, new impetus

In 1995, Thomas Kousioris, son of Konstantinos, entered the company, ushering in a new dynamic. In 1997 Thomas Kousioris, son of Vasilis, commenced his studies at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of London, to complete his postgraduate studies in Scotland in 2001. From 2001 to 2004 he essentially dealt with the Service of Commercial Vehicles and attended seminars relating to Mercedes commercial vehicles.

In 2004, Konstantinos Kousioris retired and the company name changed to V. Kousioris& Son OE (General Partnership) – TruckService, by the trade name KOSTAKIS, in honor of Konstantinos.

V. Kousioris& Son OE – TruckService KOSTAKIS: Record sales by Vasilis Kousioris!

Since 2004, the company V. Kousioris& Son OE – TruckService with trade name KOSTAKIS, has followed an upward trajectory. It initiated a 24-hour telephone centre exclusively for its associates i.e. customers, upgrading the quality of its services. Vasilis Kousioris took over the management and proceeded vigorously. He enlarged the company’s circle of associates thanks to his expertise in the field of mechanical engineering, breaking every sales record in the commercial vehicle division of the Mercedes-Benz brand! At the same time, he undertook the issue of public vehicle licenses.

KOUS: the name of a new epoch

In collaboration with the pioneering and top diagnostician of the time, the German mechanical engineer Dieter, son Thomas Kousioris attended seminars focusing on electronic troubleshooting of Mercedes commercial vehicles. He distinguished himself as one of the best in the field and became known by the nickname KOUS, a shortening of his surname during his military service. The new KOUSgroup brand started to appear in adverts and printed on tarpaulins of many commercial vehicles on the roads of Attica and further afield.

2005 saw collaboration with the distinguished surveyor, Mr. Lambros I. Mylonas, to consolidate and safeguard the company’s interests. Ever since, Mr. Lambros I. Mylonas has advised on company related issues. Meanwhile, Mr. Kyriakos I. Pahadiroglou becomes the manager of TRUCKSERVICE vehicle support area.

Renovation, transparency, recycling

2008 was the start of ongoing renovations in all areas. Warehouses, offices, garage, restrooms, staff changing rooms with lockers, equipment etc. were some of the areas renovated or formed and kept up to standard. In 2010, with the aim of complete transparency, the company was the first in Greece to implement the system whereby the replaced spare parts (in environmentally friendly bags) are handed over to the customer. Moreover, being environmentally conscious, it adhered to the applicable recycling procedures in all fields of operation and continues to do so.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certification

In 2011, after years of advertising in the general press and industry magazines, internet advertising took off in Facebook, Google, etc. A year later, V. Kousioris& Son OE – TruckService, with the trade name KOSTAKIS, was awarded ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification by ACM Limited for Service and Trade of Spare Parts and Vehicles. Since then, the ISO standard has been applied and renewed in line with the latest developments. In that year, a barrier to manage vehicle entry and exit was installed.

Founding of the KOUSgroup

2013 marked the founding of KOUSgroup and the dynamic start of the new company V. Kousioris& T. Kousioris OE under the tradename KOUSgroup. Besides maintenance and service, checks for KTEO (Centre for the Technical Inspection of Vehicles) and import of commercial vehicles, it sought to extend its services to armored cars and other special vehicles. Also, Private Service for commercial and professional vehicles was set up in fully-equipped covered premises. These state-of-the-art facilities at 4 Markoni Street, Athens operate strictly by appointment. Training seminars on armored vehicles are conducted here, as well as in the diagnosis and repair of special vehicles in cooperation with the world’s leading armor-plating companies.

Total upgrade of TruckService KOSTAKIS premises

2014 was when the covered services at the premises of V. Kousioris& Son OE – TruckService, with the trade name KOSTAKIS were divided off by special innovative partitions. These modern structures, from frameworks to sliding panels, were the most inventive purposeful way of configuring work areas, adapting to needs as they arose. At the same time, equipment was renewed with new lifting machines and oil extraction and refilling pumps while the repair pits were modernized. Lighting was overhauled by fitting new bulbs and next generation halogen lamps.

To be in direct contact with our associates, the offices of the supervisor and general manager of the service department were relocated in the same space, well-designed with a/c, laptop, internet, telephone, etc. to regulate and monitor work on the vehicles. A new generation server was installed to better systematize service for our associates. The method for receipt and delivery of spare parts was updated. New jobs were created, and personnel responsibilities were allotted is such a way as to improve service further.

Upgrades continued

Overall renewals to our fleet of 24-hour service vehicles were undertaken. The fleet’s capacity was enlarged with the acquisition of a new, fully equipped truck to exclusively service our associates. Mercedes training seminars became a central priority, with our personnel attending them monthly at the German manufacturer’s facilities. In parallel, other in-house specialized seminars were, and continue to be, held to correctly diagnose and maintain our associates’ vehicles.

We launched collaboration with a distinguished law firm to safeguard KOUSgroup’s business dealings in Greece and Europe. The role of the distinguished topographer Mr. Lambros I. Mylonas was expanded to KOUSgroup advisor.

From KOSTAKIS to TruckService

From being known from way back as Garage – Truck Service – KOSTAKIS, in honor of Konstantinos Kousioris, in time the company became widely recognized as TRUCKSERVICE. Thus it was inevitable for the name to be officially changed. This occurred in 2015. However, the KOSTAKIS tradename is a visible characteristic of TruckService that continues to show in internationally registered distinctive features of the KOUSgroup. After all, everything developed from TruckService KOSTAKIS and the titular acknowledgement of founder Konstantinos Kousioris by his successors, is a noteworthy paradigm of appreciation and ethos. Thus, in 2015 the distinctive title TruckService was established as a company of KOUSgroup.

At its facilities at 95 Iera Odos, TruckService has diagnostic equipment for all commercial vehicle manufacturers and offers service to others alongside Mercedes.

The frontage of the Iera Odos showroom has been refurbished and illuminated with the latest Led lighting. To better support our associates, the spare parts department raises efficiency and actively imports. The effect is to reduce the likelihood of a shortage of spare parts in the domestic market. The body shop and armoring division are staffed with extra specialized personnel.

European standards of secure payments

Emulating European groups, our financial transactions are online (e-banking), underscoring the transparency that characterizes our dealings with our associates and saving them precious time. POS terminals ensure faster and secure monetary transactions. We possess modern banknote and coin counters to detect counterfeit notes and coins. Authentications take place in front of our associates and out of public view.

We look upon your commercial vehicle as our own, valuable and deserving of complete care. For that reason, advanced security systems and 24hour surveillance cameras, operate at all companies.

Investment in cutting edge technology

In 2016 KOUSgroup was licensed for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) conversions. The electrical division was upgraded with machinery of the latest technology. The bodywork shop began using quality 3M products. KTEO equipment and associated gear such as brake-meters, exhaust analyzers, oscilloscopes, alignment and balancing indicators etc were renewed. A special certificate for the delivery of vehicles for sale was created, and quality control of these vehicles was greatly improved. A new, fully equipped 24-hour service vehicle joined the fleet for faster and even more efficient response. The IT team and the Group’s ERP program were upgraded with next generation special-purpose technological systems. All KOUSgroup’s logos and slogans were registered in line with European Union procedures.

Expansion with Mitsubishi and further investments

In 2017 the specialization of “TruckService” has been extended to Mitsubishi commercial vehicles with investments in new diagnostic equipment and a stockpile of Mitsubishi spare parts. We acquired special, new generation battery chargers. We created a preparation space and next generation paint shop, launching an exclusive collaboration with the German company MIPA, with state-of-the-art color generation machines for all types of vehicles. Ventilation was completely overhauled. In addition, we installed new security lighting for the grounds and perimeter.

Trucker – Quality & Reliability
In 2018 a new Greek company joined KOUSgroup. This company is mostly dealing with importing vehicles. TRUCKER is a brand name that reflects the vision KOUS had decades ago. With a logo that connects with all the other companies TRUCKER is all about innovation.

With regard to financial transactions, we brought in tablets and electronic signatures for the quick, efficient and secure receipt of handwritten signatures. We broadened our collaboration with the biggest Greek banks while the group’s account sheets were posted on the Internet. We have placed a new telephone center in order to support and deal with partners faster and effectively.

We dynamically project our companies in the media, advertising on radio, television and press. We enhance our presence in the social media (Facebook etc) and on the Internet to bring KOUSgroup’s two companies closer to their target audience. Our websites, and are continuously updated with contact information, vehicle presentations, installations and service facilities. We participate in the Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health – HOCSH.

Creation of Online Shop!

In 2019 the e-shop was created by KOUSgroup to offer quality products to the modern professional. With collaborations with the top brand name WURTH and the corresponding quality of the products it reflects, the online shop aims to provide quality products at advantageous prices!

Together with the world’s leading WURTH company, KOUSgroup and TRUCKER, is moving forward, creating a state-of-the-art website for In order to fully meet the needs of the professional as well as the companies that have a fleet of commercial vehicles on this page, solutions are presented to problems faced by professional drivers and not only. On this page you can obtain top quality products like those WURTH only offers! With slogan Now for professional the KOUSgroup, TRUCKER & WURTH company is changing the scene in the commercial vehicle support area. The name of WURTH is the same as the word quality! The meaning of the word QUALITY reflects the values ​​and ideals of KOUSgroup with the history and the history of TRUCKSERVICE since 1956! In the site you can also find other products (accessories etc) related to the professional driver as well as used vehicles of excellent condition with TRUCKSERVICE’s guarantee and credibility!

At the same time, we continue to change the scene in contact with our partners! We pioneer by investing in the regular updating of the KOUSgroup Group’s activities on Google Maps! In near real time you are next to the group companies (TRUCKSERVICE – TRUCKER – KOUSGROUP) and stay updated with fresh material as well as information! Visit our sites!

In 2020 the following took place:

  1. List price list with eShop
  2. Extension of the distinctive features of the group (numbering more than 220 linked pages) with the view parallel to the του MrMercedes .gr
  3. With slogan trust only – Because Quality Matters! We promote to the public of the leading German car manufacturer the exceptional accessories we have in the  at the same time as the WURTH products.
  4. Expansion in the field of Mercedes passenger car spare parts through eShop
  5. Expansion in the field of commercial vehicle rental – creation of a corresponding section in eShop.
  6. Configuration and display of distinctive features in the group’s facilities.
  7. Extension of KOUSgroup group insignia
    1. Disinfection of the group premises with special cleaning products, which meet the necessary standards of control of COVID-19, while offering protection against germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, hepatitis B, HIV , SARS et al.
    2. Disinfection of vehicles with special cleaning products, which meet the necessary standards of control of COVID-19, while offering protection against germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, hepatitis B, HIV, SARS etc.
    3. Biological cleaning of vehicles with special cleaning products, which meet the necessary standards of control of COVID-19, while offering protection against germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, hepatitis B, HIV, SARS et al.
    4. Configuration of special points -spots- providing the necessary Personal Protection Measures (PPE).
    5. Posting in all areas of our group instructions for the protection and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
    6. Creating a special web page at to provide necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).We dynamically limited the spread of COVID-19, we carried out & amp; apply on a permanent basis
  8. Acquisition of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to support EURO 6 engines.
  9. Investment in central systems upgrade for the full support of EURO 6 + technology vehicles
  10. Attend seminars in support of electric vehicles.
  11. Extension of eshop activities at abroad! A dream come true and another goal realized for the KOUSgroup (TRUCKSERVICE – TRUCKER – KOUSGROUP).
  12. We have grown and expanded our existing exhibition that we have always had with accessories.
  13. We have created a Showroom – Exhibition with WURTH products & amp; MERCEDES – The world’s first in house exhibition in a vertical commercial vehicle support unit is a fact.
  14. Upgrade to a new generation of advanced servers!
  15. Vehicle control program collaboration with (ESO) Vehicle Fleet Control – TRUCKSERVICE Quality Control
  16. Seminars in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GPA).
  17. The KOUSgroup group of companies (TRUCKSERVICE – TRUCKER – KOUSGROUP) is harmonized with the General Data Protection Regulation (GTC). Group of companies KOUSgroup (TRUCKSERVICE – TRUCKER – KOUSGROUP) is harmonized with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  18. We continue to support the sport of football, windsurfing and table tennis. Promoting sports is always our mission!

In 2021 the following took place:

  1. Extension of the exclusive cooperation with WURTH HELLAS in online shopping – Authorized Dealer by WURTH HELLAS!
  2. Representation through eShop leading vehicle handling company AGROPA.
  3. The expansion of the group to Mercedes car spare parts as well as to commercial vehicle spare parts.
  4. The creation of other subcategories in such as shields, equipment, protection, rentals, vehicles and more.

In 2022 the following took place:

  1. Award from the Fire Service for our contribution to the support of their vehicle fleet.
  2. Study for the creation of a charging station and relevant licensing for the repair of electric vehicles with the necessary specifications.
  3. Certification according to the environmental management system ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 on the provision of services, spare parts and vehicles.
  4. ISO 9001 quality management system update & ISO 14001 on the provision of services, spare parts and vehicles.
  5. The introduction of a biennial group newspaper in printed and electronic form.
  6. Full support for EURO VI commercial vehicles.
  7. Creating space to maintain the correct temperature through three-phase current of the refrigerated trucks of our partners.
  8. Extensive use of special devices (dehumidifiers & related) to keep the items we supply (spare parts, accessories & related) at the right temperature.
  9. Improving quality control – d 100% quality assurance by carrying out continuous daily quality control of products!
  10. Use an electric scooter to deliver the vehicle to your place without the additional burden of the environment by us. The electric scooter εύκολα is easily stored in the passenger compartment and your vehicle is delivered by the delivery manager who then leaves your premises with the electric scooter and the Mercedes helmet. The scooter is compatible with all safety protocols following all road safety rules and has the necessary approvals.
  11. Introduction of K – KOUS with K!


(V.F.C.) Vehicle Fleet Control – TRUCKSERVICE Quality Control

You have a fleet of vehicles! You want its operational excellence. There is a solution with a reliable result and the reliability of TRUCKSERVICE since 1956!
Trust the quality control of your vehicles in the hands of TRUCKSERVICE & KOUSgroup! The Vehicle Fleet Control (V.F.C.) program, created by TRUCKSERVICE and implemented for the first time worldwide by KOUSgroup, includes first-class information and checks delivered to the fleet manager! We are changing the scene in fleet support. (V.F.C.) Vehicle Fleet Control by TRUCKSERVICE! The program works in full synergy with the FleetReminder that has been in place for decades! More information by appointment!

Conquering the future now!

→ WORK ETHIC that prioritizes you

Meticulous implementation of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 for Provision of Vehicle Service and Spare Parts to continuously improve all KOUSgroup’s companies.

Such as our harmonization with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Guaranteed speedy and reliable service thanks to our national collaboration and support network which promises you solutions to whatever problems may crop up with your vehicle. It is no coincidence that our motto is: service beyond your wildest dreams!

The innovative Service Evaluation Device at our facilities allows you to appraise our group and services. It takes little time, is anonymous and paperless. We pay keen attention to our associates’ opinion, considering it exceedingly important in our efforts to improve.

→ SERVICE that prioritizes you

Our specialized Mercedes-Benz Service by our group’s TruckService is the NUMBER ONE independent garage for Mercedes commercial vehicles, with a history of experience dating to 1956! We reflect the quality standards of the German representative, without delays and unnecessary red tape.

We inspect your vehicle in conformity with KTEO specifications and inform you clearly about what is required and how urgently.

At each service, all necessary checks are carried out according to the card we hand to you based on Mercedes standards. Thus, you are alerted to upcoming necessary and optional services and their cost.

Before receipt – delivery of your vehicle, it is run through a special checklist devised by our company and advised on its condition by the relevant diagnostician-mechanic.

We provide you with exceptional service packages such as:

Free visual inspection according to Mercedes-Benz specifications.

Free KTEO inspections (on agreement).

Free fleet inspections (on agreement).

Oil Change without labor charge.

Vehicle Service (oils, filters, valves, injection, general vehicle checks) from €30 + VAT.

Integrated support service:

Delivery / receipt of vehicles


24-hour technical support

Work Guarantees

Our commercial vehicle import and exchange service supplies commercial vehicles for sale in excellent condition. Our plus to you is their quality and affordable prices. We are upfront with every professional, looking after his interests and meeting his needs. Mindful of the economically difficult times, we offer affordable payment options. At the same time, we will discuss exchanges, offering our associates opportunities to upgrade their fleet of commercial vehicles. Finally, we cover with a six-month warranty (basic mechanical parts) the vehicles we import or exchange.

We represent armored vehicle companies and specialize in related electronic systems.

KOUSgroup’s innovative FleetReminder online service is a novel online facility for our associates and beyond. Enquire at about our company activities, vehicle sales, book a service or, in the event of your commercial vehicle having been previously serviced by us, check when the next service is due.

The go4more rewards program which enables you to pay with the National Bank of Greece’s synonymous card. The first and only reward program which benefits you through your banking transactions by earning you points which you can redeem as you prefer. Find information at and reap rewards in your professional relationship with NBG and KOUSgroup.

Infrastructure that prioritizes you

We possess state-of-the-art electromechanical equipment that is regularly upgraded, such as KTEO measuring devices, brake meter, play detector, alignment, balancing, dashboard and light adjustment instruments, aircon and climate control, refinishing, exhaust fume check card, analogue and digital tachometer inspections and certifications as well as authentic Mercedes diagnostic equipment. We retrofit ABS and certify vehicles that have it.

Our comprehensively equipped toolboxes contain all necessary tools for new generation vehicles and support any special conversions e.g. air suspension systems.

In our vertically-integrated facilities which, amongst others, house a pump and fuel injection workshop, electrical repair workshop, body shop, paint shop, fitting section and hydraulic doors service, we have reception and waiting rooms with a canteen, as well as a seminar room for our associates.

Our exemplary Spare Parts Department operates according to Mercedes-Benz standards. We stock genuine or after-market spare parts, depending on your needs and preference. In new spare parts “genuine” or “after-market” we provide a six-month guarantee. We can also, in certain situations and with your consent, fit used spare parts. In each case, we let you know what is preferable in terms of duration and cost and you decide. For your expediency, we have access to order directly from Mercedes central warehouses. We stock an all-inclusive list of spare parts and genuine accessories so you need not go searching. With perseverance for transparency we are the first to display the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Spare Parts and Accessories Pricelist. Visit our Mercedes-Benz’s Service & Parts webpage and deal with your vehicle’s requirements yourself. All you need do is register (if you are a new user) and insert your Vehicle Frame Number. You will enter a welcoming and stimulating virtual world that makes you to understand and ‘touch’ whatever is relevant to your vehicle! What’s more, we are first in Greece to present the Mercedes-Benz after-market spare parts pricelist (initial placement) with a specially adapted search database. Clearly, we are committed to transparency and closer contact with our associates

Such as the creation of a specially designed seminar and training room with state-of-the-art machinery and special spacers adapted to needs.

Such as the creation of a newsletter (e-mail).

Such as creating a special automated payment system for our partners.

Such as the provision of a customer service vehicle (by appointment).

PERSONNEL that prioritizes you

Our skilled workforce is expert in the full range of mechanical, electrical, electronic, mechanical issues and bodywork.

Training is mandatory. Only highly trained garage personnel with a deep knowledge of leading automotive technologies can provide the best service. That’s why it is of paramount importance to us that our mechanics have access to the latest workshop literature for accurate diagnosis and maintenance, as well as to regularly attend courses for further instruction and development. Our workforce in all KOUSgroup companies is qualified and informed on Mercedes standards and keep regularly up to date through specialized seminars focusing on every aspect of Mercedes commercial vehicles and more.

In the new year, our staff attended training seminars on safety at work covering key topics such as:

Employee and employer rights under current legislation.

Creating a safe workplace and protective measures.

Moving and handling ergonomics.

Manual load carrying.

Fire safety and emergencies.

Electrical hazards.

Provision and use of Personal Protective Means.

Machine and tool handling.

Work at heights.

Use of chemicals and materials.

Our staff also attended a training seminar on health at work, such as:



Epileptic fits

Insect-Animal bites

Falls – Tongue Turning



Foreign Body Ingestion



Cardiopulmonary Rejuvenation

Basic Defibrillator Use

Basic First Aid for Infants and Children

Use of Pharmaceuticals

Bearing in mind that physical fitness is crucial to optimal general performance, our personnel takes part in several sports activities. In fact, KOUSgroup has its own table tennis team! At the same time it supports and promotes windsurfing and our country worldwide (

Now you know the secret of our success: we consistently put you at the forefront and we always offer the best value for money!

Get to know us better on the internet at our sites: and
and social media. See our uploaded photos and videos and you will have a comprehensive view of the dominant role of KOUSgroup in the field of commercial vehicles in Greece and beyond!

Trust the experts: KOUSgroup!

KOUSgroup is:

TruckService – Mercedes Specialized Garage!
Trucker – Quality & Reliability!
KOUSGROUP – Service beyond your wildest dreams! Since 1956! And now also for Mitsubishi!

Internationally registered KOUSgroup trademarks

Below are some of our group’s distinctive trademarks. Noteworthy is the number of entries and visibility especially of TruckService, in print and on-line (sites, facebook, LinkedIn, google) as well as in the media and press.